Artificial Intelligence – Introduction , Goals & Applications

Since the invention of computer in 19th century  , scientists and engineers have been working on making computer even more worthy . And I meant worthy by more intelligent , more powerful , much faster and much efficient . New computers with new architecture and hardware have been invented each year . Super computer has been compressed to palm top . Mobo-technologies are taking the greater area of invention and innovation .

On the other hand , robotics is also going up faster and faster . Robots are now capable of doing hard work that human could not do physically . Many big industries like Tesla , IBM are using their robots with humans for complex jobs . They are contributing with their no fatigue property and much stronger metallic physical strength . But world has changed now . We do not just want physically strong robots and computers which need to be commanded for each work  . We want them to be more intelligent . We want to them to think and realize themselves and do what’s needed . Actually , it made to discover the term Artificial Intelligence or shortly AI .

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence is human like intelligence shown by machines and computers in order to act with environment and increase the probability success at certain goal . In simple word , if the machines or computers can think or perceive environment , realize environment and act upon the required condition , they are said to be intelligent and hence to have artificial intelligence . Any AI included device can be thought as intelligent and these devices are capable of solving problems more efficiently like humans .

Artificial Intelligence (AI ) is a branch of Computer Science which typically deals with creating human like intelligent machines / computers . According to the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, it is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”. Achieving AI is not that simple . We have to know how human brain functions , how it responses to environment , how it decides what to do , how it thinks to solve problem  etc .  Knowing these , one can achieve AI and implement it to computer , software , robot or any machine .

Goals Of Artificial Intelligence (AI )

The main goal of AI is to achieve human like intelligence from machines in order to solve problems more efficiently .

The major goals of AI can be characterized as follows :-

  • Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Learning
  • Decision Making
  • Planning
  • Understanding
  • Realizing
  • Expert Systems

The ultimate goal is to create the technology which functions in intelligent manner like a human .

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This article is not complete enough to explain use cases or applications of artificial intelligence . AI can be applied to numerous sectors . The hot topic of AI applied technology is Self Driving Car . The major applications of AI can be summarized as follows :-

  • Medical
    Artificial Intelligence has enormous application in medical field or say health care . It can assist doctors during surgery or even it can do the surgery itself . According to Bloomberg Technology, Microsoft has developed AI to help doctors find the right treatments for cancer . Autonomous robots performing some soft-tissue surgery, stitching together a pig’s bowel during open surgery have already been demonstrated and they are doing much better than human surgeon .
  • Industry
    Companies like Tesla , Google , Apple are utilizing AI to run their industry . They are using AI in the creating of advanced technologies like Driver Less Car or Self Driving Car .
  • Gaming
    AI can play mind games like Chess , Tic Tac Toe , Go etc more competitively with humans . It can think of more possible and best moves than human .
  • Recognition
    Some machines or devices with AI can recognize what they hear , see or sense . Speech Recognition is being used to make devices do required tasks . They can even talk to human recognizing what they are saying no matter what language or accent they hear . Hand Writing Recognizer can recognize the hand writing . It can read the text written on paper with pen and convert into editable text . AI technology is being used to run the houses . Human just has to tell them what to do  and AI handles the rest .
  • Robotics
    Artificial Intelligence is being applied to robots to make them more like human  . AI robots are capable of sensing environmental conditions such as temperature , light , heat , sound ,pressure , wind and perform the task in best way . They are loaded with powerful processor , many sensors and huge memory capacity in order to exhibit intelligence . The best part of AI robots is that they can learn from mistakes and do better next time .
  • Expert Systems
    Some software or program can interact with users , response to them , talk to them and even advise them .
  • Natural Language Processing
    Artificial Intelligence can understand any natural language spoken by human and interact with them .
  • Search Engine
    Best search result relevant to user profile can be achieved by AI . Search engine like Google uses AI to optimize search results .